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The above warning applies when the product is used with nicotine-containing e-liquids

Happy Spring Festival

  voopoo    2019-01-30

Hi, VOOPOO fans!

During the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival, on behalf of all the VOOPOO staffs,

We sincerely wish everyone all over the world a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!


Last year is a year full of challenges and harvest. We are constantly pursuing the development and innovation of e-cigarette technology.

Focusing on the research and development of technology , we tried to enrich the product experience of VOOPOO users by adopting an advanced manufacturing process and better functions of GENE Chip.


The original intention of VOOPOO is customer-oriented.

We are doing our best to create the best products and to fulfil the social responsibility by protecting the health of the underage and adhering to business ethics.


From the bottom of our hearts, we do appreciate all the support, encouragement and criticism to VOOPOO from our friends, partners in 2018!

As we all known, VOOPOO is a young brand. We are not good enough at present but we have a great potential to grow up.


What spurs VOOPOO on continue development is all the encouragement and criticism from you guys!

And all those opinions will definitely improve the delivery of our brand values and even the prosperous development of whole vape industry!

We do sincerely appreciate it!


In 2019, VOOPOO will keep insisting on the core values. We will continue to be innovative in the technology development. We are doing the best to make due contributions to the healthy development of the industry.


Last but not least, we wish everybody get better and better in the new year!