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Shezhen IECIE: VOOPOO New Product Launch Event

  voopoo    2019-04-18


Shezhen IECIE: VOOPOO New Product Launch Event

From April 14 to 16, 2019, the Shenzhen International E-Cig Expo (IECIE) was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The IECIE is one of the largest e-cig exhibitions in the world, and it is a great opportunity for vapers to discover the latest innovations and trends, for exhibitors to strengthen business relationships and meet all of the major players in the vape industry.


VOOPOO has the biggest advantage of meeting the needs of the users’ common pains by providing a better product experience, compared with other similar products in the vape industry.




Driven by Technology, for Diversified Product Experience to Users

In the afternoon of April 14th, VOOPOO had held a new product launch event with the name of “Game Changer of Vaping 2019”. At this launch event, we had released new products, such as DRAG series, Alpha series, FIND series, FINIC series, and announced the official release and sale at home and abroad.


In the meantime, VOOPOO has set up a brand new intelligent system service. With this intelligent system driven, there are two new technics branches-- atomization technic and the technic of the GENE chip produced to build another new three product lines. In this way, with the whole new technology system service, VOOPOO will bring a more diversified product experience to the users.



Two New Technology Systems, Leading the Standardization of Vape Industry

As we all known, there are many problems and setbacks of the vape industry at present, that is to say, there is no standardized rules for all. It is the status quo of the vape industry, the users do not have a good product experience. Based on the needs of the users, VOOPOO contributes to research and develop a safer, stabler and higher performance of the chip, and brings a better users’ experience with a brand new atomization system technology, which leads the development of technology innovation in the whole vape industry.

With the new chip and atomization system technology,VOOPOO hopes more and more users can have a better and healthier vaping experience in the period of quit-smoking, and the whole vape industry will develop in a healthy way with a brand new standardization together with other brands.


As for the common pains of box mods from the experience of users, such as the coil stuck in the tank which is hard to screw off, juice wasted or dirty hands while changing coils and the whistle problem while vaping, VOOPOO has researched and developed a patented MAAT (middle-adjustable-airflow) technic to solve these problems, and with the GENE.Fit chip to bring a intelligent matching function for a simpler and more convenient way to vape.

As for the problems of pod system, such as the bad flavors, juice leaking and low battery endurance, VOOPOO has researched a brand new GENE.Pod chip, which prevents the pod from burning out and bring an intelligent power output in balance, so as to satisfy the needs of user anywhere.



Stick to the Original Product Design with Continuous Technology Innovation

In this launch event, we also mentioned our product design idea is to adhere to originality, refuse to imitate, to achieve the situation of“Created in China”by practices and with its advanced technology platform to provide users with a better product experience.

In fact, from this new product launch, VOOPOO had launched the patented "MAAT" atomization technology and GENE.Fit, GENE.Trio, GENE.Pod chips. VOOPOO has been in its action to demonstrate the brand values--"Based on technological innovation, to satisfy the users with the best product experience."


As a global enterprise, VOOPOO is based on product concept to design and manufacture products that rely on technological innovation. It hopes to meet the needs of users in different aspects with diversified product lines in all vape product category.


The new products launched in the event have officially opened pre-sale on our website home and abroad, and global distributor stores have also started to sell.

In Shenzhen IECIE 2019, VOOPOO has perfectly demonstrated the strength of technological innovation. It is believed that under the opportunity of new era, VOOPOO will continue to provide products with  higher quality and experience for each user through continuous innovation and creation.