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VOOPOO has donated 70000 masks to support overseas partners

  voopoo    2020-03-31

With the coronavirus outbreak, the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow quickly, which has led to a shortage of relief supplies everywhere. Facing the severe situation of overseas epidemic situation, VOOPOO actively assisted overseas partners to fight virus together.

Until March 31, VOOPOO made every effort to purchase more than 70,000 medical masks and sent them to the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and other countries through international logistics to ensure that donated masks were delivered to global partners as soon as possible.

The "war" to fight coronavirus has no national borders and we are a community of destiny. VOOPOO will stay tuned to the development of overseas epidemic situations, continue to work side by side with global partners, and contribute VOOPOO's strength to win the global epidemic fight. We all work together to overcome the difficulties!