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See You Next Time in IECIE

  voopoo    2019-05-04

Thanks for all your support!


This year's IECIE has come and gone. Located in Shenzhen, China, this Expo has been regarded the biggest e-Cig show    in the world. We ran into numerous fans, streamers, vapors pros, content gurus, and our global partners.


In fact, we were so blown away by the response we received at the show, we wanted to specifically call out those who    really made our weekend an epic adventure: Thank you to ab.vape, vape_geekq8, b7vape, ivory_vape, instashein, and    Dimi Crazy Damper. Not to be left out, huge special thanks to Chief Editor Alexandre CARNEIRO and his team from    e-cig magazine for having the long interview of us, and for helping our fans with so detailed report about VOOPOO.    We also like to give our great appreciation to global partners Angus McKay and David Boulton from Vapetrotter, Ahmed    Fathallah from Sawa, Emrah Oktay from Express-Homeshop for their consistent support in VOOPOO in making this event    so remarkable. Give all of these amazing people a follow!



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